Last night a client of mine asked me if I could make use of his two tickets to The Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.

I cream at the sight of smiling kick lines, so, naturally, I obliged. I brought my friend along, and while we were rushing across town in a cab to pick up our tickets, we had a few words that went something like this,

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had some weed?”

“Yes. But you can’t smoke, right?”

“Right. They would have to be edible. Do you have any brownies on you?”

“Not at the moment,  no.”

No matter. We didn’t need any mind-altering Christmas treats because this show was off the fucking WALL.




(yes, in all seriousness, there were camels. And six sheep and one donkey)




The show started off strong with several flawless routines executed by 36 beautiful and disturbingly identical Rockettes. Then Santa came out and failed to enunciate his Ho Ho Ho’s and I lost interest for a while. Then we were told to put our 3D glasses as we entered a virtual reality of fighting off Humbugs with Christmas Cheer (does this sound weird? It should). And for the finale there was Christian propaganda filled with crucifixes and livestock.

It blew my mind.

One thought on “THE ROCKETTES

  1. Opps……Meant to post here…..Duh…..

    Yoo Hoo……..
    Where are youuuuu?
    Write shit…… OK?
    U write…..
    we read…..
    That’s it……

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